Using Automation Testing to help Automate Success for Great Dwellings

Build a web presence that would attract both clients and guests while improving and automating sales processes, SEO, and back-office processes.


This short-term real estate property management company needed a web presence that would attract both clients for whom they could manage their properties and to attract guests who would stay in those homes. Delivering that was only the start. Once the search engine optimized site was built, they quickly rose to Google’s front page, which led to large numbers of incoming leads. We then fully integrated HubSpot (a best of breed marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM software) throughout the site. As sales grew, we saved them 40 hours a week by automating their invoicing process, including calculating commissions and payouts for over 1000 reservations per month.

What we provided Great Dwellings

We utilized a clean layout for the development of the web app for Great Dwellings. This is to ensure that we do not discourage visitors by lessening the clutter. When creating a website, users do tend to overdo their designs that it becomes counterproductive. Other features that we integrated include the following:

  • A calculator that computes potential earnings
  • Social media links at the upper right corner
  • Listings of available properties

What does Great Dwellings offer?

Great Dwellings is a real-estate property management company that helps get property owners and developers tenants to rent their properties. They particularly specialize in short-term rentals. They could even help you calculate how much you could possibly earn renting your properties. However, this doesn’t mean that they only cater to rentees. In fact, they also offer services to those who are looking to rent out homes. They have a catalog from which you can choose from. If there is anything from their list that you like, you can directly contact them. Although, with their desire to increase their online presence, making inquiries might just become easier than it already is. We also make sure that they are able to accommodate the needs of renters. This is because Great Dwellings is trying to accommodate both sides of the spectrum. By doing so, they cater to everyone who is in need of their services in the industry, thereby increasing the likelihood of an increase in traffic. This eventually happened, even more so when the website was search engine optimized. This gives them a boost in the ranks. In fact, Google’s algorithm rises it enough that it ended up on the first page. As a result, the agency sees a sudden spike in the traffic. This further improves when they fully integrated HubSpot throughout the site. Additionally, with our help, Great Dwellings are saving at least 40 more hours in a week by testing the automation of their invoice process. This already includes calculating commissions and the payouts for the reservations in a month, and this can be at least a thousand. Let’s collaborate

Technology Stack


Web Application

Programming languages


Frameworks and tools

JQuery, Google Analytics, and GoHighLevel


Amazon Web Services

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