Microsite for Millenial-Centric Real Estate Property

Rebuild a unified visual system for the advertising agency, made of steel which can change the world in a while.


Square & Lot approached us to create a website that they can advertise for 26NYDC. In order to come up with how the page is going to look, the first thing we need to know is: What or who is 26NYDC?

Who is 26NYDC?

26NYDC is a property in the heart of the nation’s capital. This alone is a cause for excitement. However, there is more because these living spaces cater to modern individuals – the Millennials. If there is one word to describe this generation, it is how sociable they like to be. That is why Square & Lot build buildings where everyone can mingle. More important, this is why they want a microsite to attract their target market.

What strikes us the most, is the aesthetics that Square & Lot put into the buildings. In them, the style they create for the residents is minimalistically beautiful. Even the individual 10 bedrooms don’t have furniture in them. That is a blank slate for the residents to create for themselves, and this is what we want to reflect in the development of the web app. Taking this into consideration, we gave it a bright design. We place images symmetrical to each other to create an image of order where everything is in line with the others. It creates a sleekness and neatness to the website, even during the development of the PWA app. In some areas of the page, there will be images where it zooms in to the part of the building, showing a clearer image. It slides through, smoothly. This is what we envision 26NYDC is, and that is what we want to reflect on the page. The combination of all these features is what both entities body. Let’s collaborate

Technology Stack


Web Application

Programming languages

JavaScript and PHP

Frameworks and tools

WordPress, JQuery, Elementor, Modernizr, and WooCommerce



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