Blackbox Testing the Yelp for those with Disabilities

To build a crowd-sourced review platform for people with disabilities and effectively perform Black-box testing.


The Equal Rights Center has an idea to make it easier for those with disabilities to identify where help is available. The thought is to create a website, BlackBox testing its operation before expanding. When they do, they can leave a review of a place paying particular attention to accessibility for those who might prove this to be difficult.

Access A11Y

The Equal Rights Center is calling the movement Access A11Y (it is read as ally). This initiative aims to help those with a disability identify which commodities are accessible to them through reviews that people put up on a page. It will become a Yelp for people with disabilities. However, this does not mean only those with a disability can leave a review. Anyone who is fully capable of leaving should. Every piece of information helps, especially for people who will require as much help as they can.

Blackbox Testing for Equal Rights

As the Equal Rights Center approached us to set-up a website, that is what we did. We try to show who the page is from the very beginning by placing an ongoing video loop of a wheelchair. Its wheels turning to show that people with a disability are also moving. They are not stagnant, and nor do they keep still. They have needs, and access to them should be readily available. We are also hoping that the search box will make it easier for them to find places that promote equal rights regarding accessibility. You only need to provide your location and what facility you are looking for, and it will find it automatically. This makes it quicker rather than going through a list of places that you might not need. Also, an add listing button is at the top right corner for anyone who wishes to leave a review. The website’s design is very straightforward and built on WordPress.  BlackBox testing is important. This is to ensure that it is easy to use whoever the users may be. It is in line with what the initiative is all about. Access A11y is only catering to the Washington and New York areas. They are hoping to expand, but as they are just starting, they are just testing if their service will be effective. However, let us be the first ones to say that they do. Let’s collaborate

Technology Stack


Web Application

Programming languages

JavaScript and PHP

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Bootstrap, JQuery, WordPress, Google Analytics, Modernizr, and WooCommerce


Amazon Web Services

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