Angular is a front-end web application framework that is used for building single-page applications

Angular is a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web application framework developed by Google. It is one of the most popular frameworks globally, and it has a wide variety of features, including data binding, routing, dependency injection, testing, and more. It is a powerful JavaScript framework that helps you build robust and secure solutions in a short amount of time. It is known for its performance and scalability.

Angular has gained a lot of popularity in recent years and is the most popular framework for developing websites and apps. It was developed by Google in 2009 and continues to be used by companies like PayPal, Netflix, Ford Motor Company, and more.

NetAesthetics offer Angular development service, which helps our clients build high-performing single-page applications. We also provide a wide range of services such as front-end development, building robust and secure solutions, and offers a custom web solution.

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