UI/UX Design Services for COVID Frontliners Charity Fundraiser

Design a compelling tool that conveys a message and makes it easy to raise funds for an important cause.


DC Short Term Rental Association (DCSTRA) sees their role as vital in these unprecedented times. With a vital role to play, they take it as their responsibility to let us know of their plan. This plan is to help frontline workers and property owners and developers alike in their time of need, and what they need from us is our UI/UX design services.

Taking care of frontline workers and rental properties

DCSTRA is working alongside Great Dwellings and Dewl to support a major need in this time of crisis. This collaboration brought forth the Help Them Help Us initiative. The idea is to offer a short-term rental solution to those who require it. This is particularly important now as COVID is causing a ton of problems. Aside from the deaths, it has been affecting the house rental industry as a whole. Cancellations are happening either from the fear of the virus or because of travel bans. This is stopping the cash flow to property owners, taking away what might be their only source of income. Frontline workers are in need of a place to stay especially those close to work. Especially with how sometimes, they are not being allowed to go home because of infection control protocols. To have somewhere to stay, even for the short period that they have to isolate before going home, would be beneficial. DCSTRA sees this as an opportunity to hit two birds with one stone.

The way we show our support: UI/UX design services

To support this cause, we set-up a website to raise funds supporting the frontline workers, mainly. In return, by showing this support towards our healthcare staff, you will be supporting the renting industry too. We made sure to highlight the name of the initiative and the many organizations that are backing it when designing it with our UI/UX design services. This is to show the legitimacy of the initiative. It also shows a tracker to monitor how much donation is the movement receiving and how much the goal is. It is a hefty goal, but the aim of the website is to spur further action. That is why, where the tracker is, there is also a button that we hope would spur the public to action. To urge them to donate. Our communities are heavily reliant on the frontline workers, whether you admit it or not. They keep us alive when your personal efforts do not work. To help them now, is important, even if it is only through the UI/UX design services we offer. Also, to help one more cause along with it should make it worthwhile. Let’s collaborate

Technology Stack


Web Application

Programming languages

JavaScript and PHP

Frameworks and tools

Bootstrap, WordPress, JQuery, and WooCommerce



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