UI Design and Branding for Children’s book series

Rebuild a unified visual system for the advertising agency, made of steel which can change the world in a while.

Illustration of a kid standing over a blue dinosaur. Book cover design of Noah and Blue by Sophia Scarlett.


Ethos book publishers approached us with seeking to launch their new book series. Their aim is to have a visual system that is similar, at least in its vibe, across all electronic devices. This has become the standard, not only in online marketing but with marketing in general. That is why testing its UI is important. This is to see whether there is a consistent feel to the webpage even during the development of its web app.

UI Design for Noah and Blue

Their slogan of ‘Big Lessons for Little Heart’ fits very well with the purpose of the company. According to its author and co-founder, the goal of the company is to bring life lessons in bite-sized amounts. Children are unlike adults in that they learn their lesson mostly through mistakes. Children rarely take into account mistakes. They are different that way. However, if we use stories, they will learn better because it amuses them. Although it is never a guarantee with children. However, this increases the likelihood of it sticking with them.

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In addition, Noah and Blue also aim to help develop children in their formative years. They pay particular attention to their literacy and their language skills which this brand already addresses by being a book. It is also worth highlighting that this is a good way to bond with your children. That few minutes to an hour of storytelling is a good way of interacting with the children.

Designing a brand

To fully embody Noah and Blue, we made sure that images that may attract children are put up during the development of the web app. For example, the backdrop at the very top are simple drawings that children can draw. To drive it even further home, a child, with a smile on his face is put in front of it. We even made sure that the logo should resonate with young children. Of course, all these are simple enough to integrate into testing the UI that it ensures that the design will be consistent in any electronic device. This is important to highlight because this is what Ethos Book Publishers came to us for. In addition, we put different content in different categories to ensure that users can navigate the website and store easily. The features above should make it easier for Evanto to market it. To accommodate the business side of marketing and branding, we made sure to promote the items that are on sale during the development of the web app. Although, we avoid putting it at the forefront of the website. Let’s collaborate.

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